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Comment by Cao
Cooperation 2011/8/8 16:50:07
I have an electric retractable door that is closed when opened, suitable for closed factories, etc. QQ 2464932828
Commenter Miss Zhang
Business Cooperation 2011/3/3 10:29:11
Hello, does your company do the parking system system, please add QQ: 1525049680
Hello, parking system is a business of our company, please contact Mr. Chen for cooperation: 13603307630
Commenter Mr. Wang
I think of your company, for more detailed directions 2010/7/22 8:58:21
I want to go to your company to see it on the spot, but I don't know how to get there. Please tell me the detailed route, which car to take, where to get off, and more. Thank you!
At present, the route to our company is: Take the No. 9 train station, No. 19 from the railway compound, No. 26 bus from Baijia Village, and get off at Xinsi No. 4 Middle Terminal. Upstairs, West Commercial Bank, 418 on the fourth floor Room 419, Handan Daya Automatic Door Technology Co., Ltd. If you have any questions, please call 0310-3207128 for more information!
Miss Wang
I ask for a job 2010/5/27 10:29:11
I want to apply for an office worker in your company. What are the specific requirements?
Sorry, the company does not recruit office staff for the time being. The current office staff can do the job.
Comment by Wang Ziyu
I want to apply for a salesperson 2010/5/26 9:02:19
I am a graduate in 2009. I have been doing architectural design before. I want to apply for a salesperson in your unit. Now I will send my resume to your company's mailbox. I hope to have the opportunity to serve your unit!
Candidates must be able to bear hardships and stand hard work, have a strong sense of responsibility, strong social skills, and be able to do business independently. At the same time, they can travel in the surrounding areas of Handan. We have read your resume and left a message in the mailbox, please pay attention to check!
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